Episode # 010 “Let’s Never Jack Black This One”

June Records. Brass Taps. Serge Gainsbourg. Lung Fish. Pizza. Orgies. Reboot. Bill C-51.

Andrew and Brendon visit College street’s June Records (again), and sit down for a meal at Brass Taps just down the road. They discuss Serge Gainsbourg, Lung Fish, Canadian television classic Reboot, Bill C-51, the Pan Am games in Toronto, and orgies.

Episode # 009 “Swiss Cheese People: The We Have Friends Special”

Ontario’s new sexual education and health curriculum gets jabbed at from the guys, plus some friends. Also Shaft.

Andrew and Brendon host some friends as they have a discussion about Ontario’s new sexual education and health curriculum, and why some people are losing their minds about it. Don’t forget Shaft.