Albums of the Week

Every episode, Brendon and Andrew force each other to listen to an album. Here’s the master list of what we’ve listened to, and what you should listen to, too.

Episode 1 [Listen]
  • Segment not performed
Episode 2 [Listen]
  • A Modest Mouse “Strangers to Ourselves”
  • B Young Widows “Easy Pain”
Episode 3 [Listen]
  • A Cold War Kids “Robbers & Cowards”
  • B Brand New “Daisy”
Episode 4 [Listen]
  • Segment not performed (TIDAL special)
Episode 5 [Listen]
  • A Andrew Bird “Break It Yourself”
  • B The Blood Brothers “Young Machetes”
Episode 6 [Listen]
  • A The Avett Brothers “The Carpenter”
  • B Self Defence Family “Islands” 3-EP series.
 Episode 7 [Listen]
  • A 360 “Falling and Flying”
  • B These Snakes Have Arms “Tail Swallower and Dove”
 Episode 8  [Listen]
  • A Los Campesinos! “Hello Sadness”
  • B Clipping “clppng”
Episode 9 [Listen]
  • Segment not performed (Sexy sex-ed special)
 Episode 10  [Listen]
  • A Serge Gainsbourg “Histoire De Melody Nelson”
  • B Lungfish “Artificial Horizon”
 Episode 11  [Listen]
  • A Ozma “Rock and Roll Pt. 3”
  • B Algiers “Algiers”
 Episode 12  [Listen]
  • A We Were Promised Jet Packs “In The Pit Of The Stomach”
  • B Tigers Jaw “Charmers”

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